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Nationally and internationally acclaimed artist, Joe Fafard, was born September 2, 1942 to French- Canadian parents in the small agricultural community of Ste. Marthe, Saskatchewan. Joe attended the University of Manitoba (BFA 1966) and Pennsylvania State University (MFA 1968). He was at the University of Saskatchewan, Regina from 1968-1974 and visiting lecturer at the University of California at Davis in 1980-1981. During his lifetime, Joe Fafard was a distinguished full-time artist and sculptor who lived his entire life on the Canadian Prairie. Mr. Fafard was one of Canada's leading professional visual artists who had exhibitions of a wide variety of work in galleries and museums across the country and around the world, including the United States, Great Britain, France and Japan. He is widely recognized as having been at the forefront of his art, and his outstanding contributions to the arts have significantly raised the profile of both Saskatchewan and Canada on the national stage. In the early 1970's, much of his sculpture used clay as a medium. In 1985, he shifted to bronze as his chief sculptural medium, successfully establishing a foundry in Pense. His insight and humour characterized his portraits of neighbours, farm animals, wildlife, and famous artists that he came to respect as he learned his craft. His work in bronze is displayed across Canada and his cows became one of his trademarks. Some say that Joe Fafard added a sense of humour to his depictions of the everyday through his artwork; Joe said that he just never really took it out.

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