About Nicholas Morant

Nicholas Morant (1910 - 1999) is a well-known name in Canadian photography from the twentieth century. Nicholas Morant's unique ability to capture every aspect of Canadian life and nature led to a long and successful photography career spanning over fifty years.


Nicholas Morant and his work for the Canadian Pacific company left a lasting impact on Canadian tourism and public interest in Canadian landscapes and scenery, especially the Canadian Rockies. Many of Morant's groundbreaking photographic techniques and his devotion to visual detail still inspire photographers today. 

This digital exhibit, and the images herein, represent only a small selection from a lifetime of work by Nicholas Morant extending for several decades and drawing from tens of thousands of images.


Nicholas Morant ca. 1945 - ca. 1950 with cameras in mountains. Whyte Museum of the Canadian Rockies, Nicholas Morant fonds (V500/I/C1/77/PA-26).

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