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Laara Cassells, Bella.jpeg


OCTOBER 11, 2019 – JANUARY 26, 2020

Spanning the early 1900s to the present day, Unbridled celebrates the horse by combining historic photographs, archival material and heritage artifacts from the Whyte Museum collections along with historic and contemporary art borrowed from private and public lenders. Included are early photographs of outfitting and guiding, advertisements, beautifully beaded Indigenous tack and emotionally moving paintings aside equines in action.

Contemporary and historical art weave a tale of the horse through various genres and interpretations. The role of the horse may have evolved over the years but it remains our constant companion worthy of our enduring high esteem and admiration.


Through this ehibition we celebrate that connection we share whether it is through tourism and pack trips, patrolling our parks, ploughing our fields, or simply enjoying the companionship on a quiet trail. 

Image: Laara Cassells, Bella, 2018, acrylic on board

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