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Horse-sane is the word we use in our family - not horse crazy. I have been drawing, speaking with, trusting and living with these magical creatures since before I could walk. Thoroughbreds hold a special place in my life. Our family has a generational history with the bloodlines and I literally grew up underfoot in the barn of Northern Dancer. Spirit runs through horse and human in an unbreakable bond if you know the language - a thread as thin as silk but as strong as the thickest chain can bind you soul to soul with these communicative creatures. My heart and my healing will always be entwined with that of the equine in my life. I find peace with them, whether at the canvas or when they carry me. I will forever be in their service. Whether bridled or unbridled... the only way is to unilaterally submit and share when it comes to a relationship with an equine. You must know your subject in order to capture them... and you must have their permission. Janice has been an artist and around horses all her life. With post-secondary schooling in acting and graphic design at the University of Windsor and an Alumni of Distinction at Durham College, Janice has also studied with American painter Bo Bartlett. Serving for six years as the Program Manager of Indigenous Leadership at Banff Centre for Arts and Creativity, Janice and her family were adopted into the Siksika Nation by Elder Tom Cranebear and his family. Cross-cultural and classical exploration of contemporary themes continue to be a theme within Janice's work. She paints full time in her studio in Canmore, AB and serves as the Teaching Artist in Residence for Banff Centre. Her surprisingly wide range of techniques and ability to capture the essence of any subject creates high demand for her paintings. She regularly exhibits and speaks at public art galleries on her perspective in a cross-cultural family and as it relates to her work. A lifelong equestrian, she spends any spare time with her string of polo ponies, playing polo alongside her daughter Grace, also an excellent horsewoman and artist herself. It's truly in their blood.

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