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Cedar grew up on a farm in the Chilcotin Region of British Columbia and spent most ofher childhood on the back of her horse. She attended school to become a wildlife biologist and completed a Master's degree studying grizzly bears in the Canadian Rockies. "I love the recognizable profile lines of a particular animal. I spend hours trying to recreate those lines into my art. While I'm in the field as a biologist, or outside recreating, or driving along the highway, I am constantly scanning the landscape for wildlife. The first thing my eye might catch is movement, but the second thing is the recognizable outline that means it's a bear, or a coyote, or an eagle. Or the beautiful shape of a horse. Those identifiable lines are what give my sculptures its animal spirit. The medium adds richness. It will also come as no surprise that I love animals. I love the different personality of each animal. When I have completed a sculpture I know I've done a good job when it has its own "personality" and people can connect with it." The horse sculpture, Ferdinand, is formed with flowers a reference to the children's story about Ferdinand the bull.

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