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January 22 – April 18, 2021

Snapshots blends prime examples of photographic artistry with equipment used by notable historic photographers. Drawn from the permanent collection at the Whyte Museum artists featured include Bryon Harmon, the Vaux family, Tom Willock, George Webber, Edward Burtynsky, Colin Smith, and more.


The value of photography as an art form and as archival reference material has always been held in high regard by the Whyte Museum. The permanent collection features a wide set of both historical and contemporary examples. Snapshots will take the visitor on a journey through not only time but the technological development that allowed these spectacular scenes to be captured.

Image: Douglas Clark (1952 – 1999, Canadian), Cascade Basin, 1990, photograph, WMCR, CID.18.01


Virtual Opening Tour: Snapshots

Date: March 2021

Location: Whyte Museum of the Canadian Rockies

Attendees: ​

  • Anne Ewen, Chief Curator of Art and Heritage

  • Kate Riordon, Archival Assistant

  • Deborah Cameron, Artist 

  • Ernie Kroeger

A special thanks to staff members Ciara Linteau

and D.L. Cameron.

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