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Redesigning Paradise

JANUARY 20 – MARCH 26, 2023

Alternative photographic processes have been the creative catalyst for four Canadian artists – Mary Anne Barkhouse, Dianne Bos, Sarah Fuller, and Penelope Stewart – during their annual get-togethers and self-directed residencies for several years. The work in this exhibition addresses aspects of the natural environment in different ways by using photography as an investigative tool.


The artists in this exhibition offer a variety of cultural perspectives that look at the flora, fauna, and weather patterns of the foothills, mountains, and other ecosystems. Informed by the Whyte Museum Archives, this work allows the viewer to arrive at a place of empathy for the other – both human and non-human – while thinking through the many ways landscape has been altered by human disturbances.

Artist Bios & Statements:

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Image: Sarah Fuller, Whitebark Pine Suit, Canadian Rockies No. 3, 2022, Inkjet print, 100 x 100 cm, Collection of the artist

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