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C. Firth

Silver City and Castle Mountain, B.C., 1887

Silver City and Castle Mountain, B.C., 1887

Gift of Dorothy and Jim McLeod, Calgary, 2021

Jim and Dorothy McLeod donated these three charming historic watercolours by artist C. Firth depicting early scenes of the area. Titled Silver City and Castle Mountain, BC, 1887, Banff Springs Hotel, Rocky Mountains, 1887, and Bow River, NWT, 1887 the artist’s identifications are curious. Firth is correct in identifying the Banff scenes as residing in the North West Territories since Alberta did not officially become a Province until September 1, 1905. But it is curious to note the incorrectly stated B.C. location of Castle Mountain. At present, we have no information about the artist and would greatly appreciate help in determining the life this individual.

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