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John Davenall Turner (1900 – 1980, Canadian)

Habits of the Mountain Goat

Habits of the Mountain Goat

Gift of Harold C. Whyte, Penticton, 2017

Illustrated in “The Artful Codger: paintings, verse, cartoons, humorous paintings, sculpture, fables and jottings of John Davenall Turner”, a show held in the Peter Whyte Gallery, 1978. On this piece Turner wrote, “These animals inhabit the higher mountain slopes where they perch on bits of rock in uncomfortable attitudes presenting an appearance of extreme stupidity. However, experts agree that they are not as stupid as they look, since this is considered biologically impossible. There is a certain melancholy in their aspect in harmony with their bleak surroundings. It would be quite unnatural for them to be cheerful since apart from the dismal nature of their surroundings, their diet is chiefly pine trees and gravel, occasionally varied by length of rope, tents, tin cans and other odds and ends left by mountaineers.”

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