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John Hartman (1950 – , Canadian)

Chic Scott, Banff

Chic Scott, Banff

Gift of John Hartman, Tiny, 2017

From a series painted to commemorate Canadian alpinists. Chic Scott was one of the team of four to successfully traverse from Jasper to Lake Louise via the Great Divide for the first time in 1967. Scott was a stronger climber than skier in 1967, but was wholly committed to the mountains and wanted to celebrate Canada’s 100 years of Constitution by making this traverse. Since the government had not published maps covering the area they meant to travel, Scott utilized boundary maps A.O. Wheeler complied during 1913 and 1927 surveys of the Alberta-B.C. border and some aerial photographs, which he taped together to form a kind-of map. At the end of the trip, Scott hitched a ride back to Lake Louise from where they came out at Sherbrooke Creek. In addition to skiing and climbing, Scott has gone on to become a prolific local author and is currently engaged in compiling a complete history of the Alpine Club of Canada.

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