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John Hartman (1950 – , Canadian)

Charlie Locke

Charlie Locke

Gift of John Hartman, Tiny, 2017

From a series painted to commemorate Canadian alpinists. Charlie Locke was one of the team of four to successfully traverse from Jasper to Lake Louise via the Great Divide for the first time in 1967. Locke had been an avid climber and skier prior to this trip, having successfully traversed all 23 peaks between Lake Louise and Moraine in 1965 with Don Gardner. Locke, who grew up in Calgary and went on to run ski resorts, was in charge of the food for the trip. Utilizing the new technology of dehydrated food, along with good cold-storage items like cheese, salami, and bread, Locke and the others cached just enough food along the route to last 7 days each - the trip was planned to take 35 days, but was successfully completed in just 21. At the end of the trip, Locke hitched a ride back to Jasper [?]. A few weeks after their safe return, Locke and Chic Scott presented a slide show of it to the Calgary Mountain Club, but the historic trip would not be written up until the late 1970s and would be repeated until 1987.

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