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Catharine Whyte

Catharine Robb (1906-1979) was a painter, born June 13, 1906 in Concord, Massachusetts, and lived in Banff from 1930.

Mary T.S. Schaffer

Mary Schäffer Warren (1861-1939) was a renowned artist, explorer, and photographer active throughout the Canadian Rockies from 1888 until her death in 1939.

George Vaux X

George Vaux X (1909-1996) was the third George in his family tree often associated with the Canadian Rockies.

Peter Whyte

Peter was born January 22, 1905, in Banff, N.W.T (Alberta) to pioneer merchant Dave White and Scottish-born Annie (Curren) White.

Edmee Moore Reid

The only child of Pearl and Philip Moore, Edmée Moore was born on September 5th ,1908 in Banff.

Leonard Leacock

Leonard “Doc” Leacock (1904-1992) was a renowned musician, teacher, mountaineer, and photographer.

Pearl Brewster

Pearl Brewster was born on July 25, 1889. Pearl was the fifth of seven Brewster children, and the only girl.

Nicholas Morant

Nicholas Morant (1910 - 1999) is a well-known name in Canadian photography from the twentieth century.

Caroline Hinman

Caroline Hinman (1884-1966) of New Jersey regularly hosted tours throughout the Canadian Rockies “off the beaten track” from where the bulk of visitors tended to go.

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