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JANUARY 26 – APRIL 7, 2024

A Natural Solitude features the brilliant black-and-white film photography of Hans P. Berkhout, with nature as his subject. These pieces will leave you captivated by their crisp beauty and intricate process. Each photograph displays fine detail, making evident the patience, preparation, and dedication required to execute these images. 

Berkhout developed a passion for photography from his early days in Holland. A self-taught, film-based photographer, Berkhout's main interest is black-and-white photography. He works with both large format and 35mm film, processed in a conventional we dark room. his nature photography spans landscapes from Kananaskis to New Mexico. 

He was introduced to large-format photography by the late Dr. Harry S. Thompson of Calgary. Concentrating his work on nature photography, Berkhout learned over the years from contact with Al Weber, David Vestal, and Joe Englander, whom he assisted during the 2000 and 2001 Workshops West. Since 2014, he has been mentored by Paul Caponigro, one of North America's foremost landscape photographers. 

Image: Hans P. Berkhout, Halcyon B.C., 2023, Silver Gelatin Print, Collection of the Artist.

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