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Paintings by Roan Stewart

APRIL 22 – JUNE 12, 2022

Born in Calgary in 2000, Roan Stewart is the son of artist parents who are key players in the bronze casting industry. Throughout his childhood, Roan was immersed in creativity, surrounded by a vast network of established and inspiring artist whose work spanned a broad range of mediums in sculpture and painting.  This exposure contributed to Roan’s artistic development, drive and commitment as a full time painter. 

Roan’s work continues to evolve within his perspectives and experiences while also maturing organically to the point of creating powerful work at such a young age. Of his work, Roan states, “There is a distinct symbiotic relationship within my work. Some images reveal the progression of youth into adulthood while others relay the connection between the image and a story. The Link expresses the significance in coming of age as an artist and a visionary.”

Image: Roan Stewart, My Interpretation, Acrylic, oil, bronze on canvas, 48x36 

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