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Julya Hajnoczky

JANUARY 20 – APRIL 20, 2021

Julya Hajnoczky’s multidisciplinary practice seeks to question the complex relationship between humans and the natural world. These intimate portraits of ecosystems re-contextualize some last remaining pieces of a fragmented world, evoking a sense of future nostalgia. Exploring critical issues of biodiversity loss and climate change, Julya aims to cultivate a deep attention to the details and intricacies of natural ecosystems in people and to encourage rethinking human relationships with the natural world.

Virtual Opening: Julya Hajnoczky

Date: Friday, January 22, 2021

Location: Whyte Museum of the Canadian Rockies


  • Donna Livingstone, Chief Executive Officer

  • Anne Ewen, Chief Curator of Art and Heritage

  • Julya Hajnoczky, Artist 

  • Christine Klassen, Christine Klassen Gallery, Calgary

Sisyrinchium montanum
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Leccinum aurantiacum
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Leucoma salicis
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Abies grandis
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Escobaria vivipara
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Sedum lanceolatum
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