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APRIL 12 – JUNE 2, 2024

Time: In the Mountains strives to capture the different heartbeats of the earth over time as observed by Ilana Manolson while painting, hiking, and working in the Rocky Mountains. A frequent visitor to the Lake O’Hara region, her works are studio paintings constructed from memories of her visual experience there. A distinguished painter, printmaker, and naturalist who has been shown in galleries throughout North America, Manolson combines her talents to create visually expansive works that unfurl like rivers, trails, and scrolls.


Of Manolson’s work, Whyte Museum CEO Donna Livingstone observed: “Artists are cultural and environmental first responders. They are the first to sense the nuanced changes around them and to respond with works of art that are challenging, poignant, and beautiful. These works open up to the way into different conversations.”


Using the marks and pools of paint, Manolson manipulates the fluidity of her medium to become a metaphor for the resurgence and the dying. She celebrates the natural world and its ineffable mysteries, even as we are aware of potential disasters. Even in the coming apart, there is great beauty.

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Image: Ilana Manolson,  Current. Acrylic on yupo. Collection of the Artist.

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