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JUNE 16 – OCTOBER 15, 2023

Birds are an easy connection for us within nature. It is so easy just to sit and watch a bird in flight or a woodpecker hammer into a tree. Their songs gently wake us up in the morning or herald in a new season. They are often the first creatures to let us know that something is wrong with the environment - “canary in a coal mine” as an example.

Birds have featured in art as far back as 17,000 years ago when they appeared in the Lascaux cave paintings; their stunning variety of colours and patterns make them perfect subjects for paintings, sculpture, and ceramics. Few animals have as much diversity as birds. From the tiny grace of the hummingbird to the large oddity of the Shoebill Stork, it’s easy to see why these creatures have captured our imagination.

The Whyte Museum’s new focus on connecting to nature made birds an easy choice of theme for this summer’s group show exhibition. The show will feature 12 artists of all different mediums along with select works from the Museum’s collection.

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Image: Nicol Haskova, Fable of Shallow Water, acrylic on linen, Collection of Duane and Susan Schlageter.

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