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Red Canoe

Greg Shatley

Red Canoe


About the Artist

Greg Shatley was born in 1951 in Northern Ontario. Greg received his Bachelor of Fine Arts at Mount Allison University in 1975. He taught art during the 1990's at the Elliot Lake high school and is a member of the Ontario Society of Artists and the Society of Canadian Artists. As a visual artist and printmaker Greg continues to live and work in Northern Ontario.

Comments on the Work

Greg's etching "Red Canoe, 2004" is of a wood and canvas vessel with two seats shown floating on a water surface. It looks to be a typical Algonquin canoe one would see all over Northern Ontario that has been used for hundreds of years. The method of producing this etching is a complicated ancient method undertaken by making designs or pictures on a metal plate by the corrosive action of an acid. Greg uses zinc plate to undertake his etchings. A printing press is utilized to transfer the inked image to the paper support. Gregg's image is further complicated by the use of colours to highlight the subject of the etching all in an image size of 2 x 5. 75". It is the only etching in the canoe collection.

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