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Down The River

Vance Theoret

Down The River

About the Artist

A self -taught artist of Metis decent Vance Theoret was born in Cornwall, Ontario in 1953. His carving career started in 1988 after being inspired by the works of Henri Moore and Augustus Rodin. Vance has been a member of the Western Lights Artist Group for over 20 years and is a regular exhibitor at the "Western Showcase" at the Calgary Stampede where he received a Best in Show award in 2014. Mr. Theoret lives and works in 100 Mile House, B.C. where he operates Stone Bear Gallery.

Comments on the Work

The work by Vance Theoret "Bear in a Birch bark Canoe" elicits a sense of humour into the collection. Carved from soapstone a jovial looking bear paddles a small canoe constructed of birchbark, leather and wood while glancing over his right shoulder. The bear has character and is interested in something, his ears are up, he's listening and he has halted his paddling. It is a caricature of both bear and canoe as the vessel is to small for the paddler and the bear is too large for the canoe. Mr. Theoret uses what is described as a "direct carving method" which Vance describes as "I look at a piece of stone and see shapes inside waiting to be released." He further explains, "after twenty years of carving stone I can enter into communication with the stone and each time there is a sense of wonder and excitement that makes each craving an adventure."

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