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Margaret Semple

For Annick

Margaret Semple For Annick

Artist Statement

I have entitled this mask « For Annick » in honour of my almost one year old granddaughter whose mother is of French Métis heritage and whose father is of mostly British Isles heritage. I have done embroidery for almost 50 years, although it has been a while since I worked with wool. I learnt how to bead in the 70’s but didn’t really bead until about 5 years ago when I went to my first workshop with Lisa Shepherd. The mask represents both of Annick’s heritage joined together. Done on Melton cloth, the right side is beaded with #11 seed beads and the left side is embroidered with different types of wool. I was in BC visiting with my mother when the pandemic hit and borders closed so all of the wool and some of the beads are what friends here gave me to help. A wonderful example of how friends and community will help each other when the need arises.

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