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Louise Vien


Louise Vien Hero

Artist Statement

" HERO "

This mask was done to honor my sister who is a front line worker at the General Hospital as an RN in the ER.

I used 15 and 16 size beads to remind us that the success in the ER is in the details. I used small jingles on the side to remember the healing story of the jingle dress and how as a nurse her purpose is to help in the healing process. Their is a total of 7 jingles per side to honor the 7 teachings that my sister embodies everyday as she works in the ER. I added denthilium shells which are spaced to represents the space that we must share between us to maintain health..

The flower was to be a rose but realised it looks more like a poppy which I find ironic. Because as an RN she goes to the front line to battle an invisible enemy which in my books makes her a veteran to her trade and a hero in my book. at the bottom on the mask you will find 3 glass tears. First tear is one of exhaustion and sweat. The second tear is the tear of loss and despair while the third tear is one of happiness and hope.

I greatly admirer my sister for her ethics and care she puts in her work. Not only is she concerned for her patients but is also for her co-workers. All the while working at the hospital she works at home doing masks for the staff she works with. She has sewn over 150 mask just so everyone is safe and don’t run out.

To you I salut Sis...Plus I wish you a Happy Birthday in advance knowing we wont be able to get together but just wanted to say your my hero. And that from time to time you should stop and smell the roses.

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