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Krista Leddy

Fighting Chickadees

Krista Leddy Fighting Chickadees

Artist Statement

These chickadees are in battle, with the image being inspired by the fighting and hoarding of goods we experienced and are experiencing during this time of Covid. Items that were available in sufficient quantities, such as toilet paper, yeast, and soap were hoarded by some, creating artificial shortages that were completely unnecessary. How we were fighting over these resources reminded me of chickadees fighting over a feeder with plenty of seed. Really, fighting over nothing when if we could set aside our greed and fear so we could share, there would be enough for everyone.

The design elements of the mask are also a statement of the selfishness, lack of cooperation, and lack of sense we have experienced. The pattern for the mask is ineffective for reducing the spread of the virus. The straps do not tie the mask on securely, but rather are placed for visual appeal and for display. The back of the straps, where they are attached to the mask, is beaded to create a hidden vanity that would be very uncomfortable to wear and have no effective purpose.

The straps are finger woven in the traditional style of the Métis sash, and the mask is trimmed with hand tanned deer hide.

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