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Janice Patton

Rainbow (After the Storm)

Janice Patton Rainbow (After the Storm)

Artist Statement

I’ve always been in awe with the art of beading. Beadwork is considered old form of artwork and has taken on a revitalization in the past few years.

I was taught the art of beadwork from my sister in law and a friend of mine approximately 10 yrs ago.

After seeing all the beautiful masks that people created on Facebook and Instagram. I felt compelled to create my own mask.

I am a nurse and have been taking care of the people in my community for more than 26yrs
After the Pandemic hit, everything changed, we now live in a different world where the mask has taken on a new meaning. The mask has become part of our everyday life both at work and leisure.

I chose the colours of the rainbow for my mask because a rainbow after a storm(Covid19) brings calming winds, beautiful blue skies and the sun , which to me means a renewed humanity, that there will be days ahead ,that there will be a vaccine in the future BUT until then this is our new normal.

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