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Breathe. is a collection of traditionally crafted masks demonstrating resiliency through the 21st century. Co-created by Métis artists, Nathalie Bertin and Lisa Shepherd, artists were invited to create masks which reflect emotions felt during the current COVID-19 global pandemic. Realizing the entire world was being affected by the pandemic, they expanded their call to any artist that would like to create a mask that reflects their culture and art practice.


Included with each mask is a story by the maker reflecting the variety of emotions currently being felt around the world. From fear, sadness, hope, and love, these stories are unique and beautiful. This exhibition will inspire and challenge visitors to consider their own resilience in the face of a pandemic.

Image: Naomi Smith, Honouring Our Medicines, 2020

Artist Talk: Breathe

Date: January 2021


  • Anne Ewen, Chief Curator of Art and Heritage

  • Nathalie Bertin, Co-Curator

  • Lisa Shepard, Co-Curator

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