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Flowers from Dan II

It's About Blooming Time!

APRIL 22 – JUNE 12, 2022

It’s About Blooming Time juxtaposes the lifting of COVID-19 restrictions against the welcome arrival of spring; budding and flourishing friendships along with the relief felt by Whyte museum staff that our community may finally return to the building. It has been lonely!

While artists spend many solo hours in studios, many have commented on the encouragement and conversations missed during the pandemic. Although some artists prefer reclusive lifestyles, outings to the local coffee shop, social visitations and public gatherings buoy the creative spirit. When asked to participate, an in-person opening was greeted with delight.

The exhibition showcases the work of 16 regional artists, many of whom have exhibited at the Whyte in the past 10 years. Dormant under a blanket of anxiety, we welcome all to re-emerge. Join us in celebrating the blossoming of spring and the end of a lengthy isolation. It’s About Blooming Time!

Image: Michael Corner, Flowers from Dan II, Oil on panel, 18x24

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