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Standish Ridge


Standish Ridge

Dan Hudson is a visual artist working with various media including, painting, photography, video and installation. His project based practice uses cross disciplinary methodologies explore concepts of time and the relationship between contemporary culture and the natural world. Hudson has a BFA with honours from York University, studied anthropology at UCSD (California, USA) and attended art residencies in Banff, Yukon, Berlin and Leipzig. His work is shown internationally and is represented in the collections of museums, public galleries and private collections throughout North America and Europe. Hudson worked as photojournalist from 1989 - 2012. During that time, he had thousands of his images published in major international magazines including more than 60 cover shots. Photo assignments to document travel and extreme adventure took him to some of the wildest places on the planet. Experiences such as these impart an intimacy and honesty to Hudson’s art practice.
“I think of my art as artefacts of the process, rather than the goal of the process. Most of my art projects are relation to rituals I perform. I devise sets of actions that require me to visit specific locations on a set schedule. The timeframe I build into those sets of actions are generally based on astronomical cycles, like the earth orbiting the sun. This painting is a good example of a work based on a one-year cycle. I’ve been snowboarding here since the mid 1980s and have always loved the early morning light on Mount Bourgeau as seen from Sunshine Village Ski Resort in the middle of winter. It’s hard to imagine that such delicate wildflowers grow in the same place. The process I devised for creating this work was to first scout out this location in winter, then I returned every two weeks over the course of the summer to document all of the wildflowers that grow in this exact spot.”

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