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Secrets & Lies


Secrets & Lies

Deborah Cameron holds a degree in Art History from Carleton University, Ottawa and a Bachelor of Business Administration from Mount Vincent University, Halifax. Her past exhibitions include shows at the Whyte Museum of the Canadian Rockies, Elevation Gallery and Gallery Merrick.
"My art practice has evolved from digital floral composite photography to sculptural assemblages consisting of thrifted deconstructed bone china flowers and vintage ceramic figurines. The intent was to create an assemblage that is both grand in nature and evokes nostalgia with a hint of romanticism based on the opulent and flamboyant figurines of Meissen/Dresden (18th Century Germany) and Capodimonte (18th Century Italy) eras. Assembling this work was instinctive and random thus creating a natural floral unruliness. There is order and disorder within this imagined landscape. There are intentional imperfections in some of the floral elements. Flora and fauna elements are dispersed within the assemblage creating allegorical tensions and layered interpretations that are left up to the imagination to contemplate."

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