Life After Canadian Pacific

Nicholas Morant formally retired in 1981, following a 51 year career in photography. However, Nick continued to take photographs in his spare time, and would occasionally send copies of his photographs to authors such as D. M. Bain, Don Beers and Adolf Hungry Wolf to include in their books. Some of Morant's work was also used by National Geographic and other publishers throughout the 1980s. 


In 1991, John F. Garden published the book "Nicholas Morant's Canadian Pacific" which included 454 pages of Morant's original photographs taken for the Canadian Pacific company. Another book by Garden, "Nicholas Morant's Canada", was published in 1998.


Nicholas Morant posing with pack and tripod, colour, ca. 1965 - ca. 1975. Whyte Museum of the Canadian Rockies, Nicholas Morant fonds (V500/II/C/5/PA-599).


Nicholas Morant posing with tripod in mountains, ca. 1985 - ca. 1995. Whyte Museum of the Canadian Rockies, Nicholas Morant fonds (V500/II/C/5/PA-576). 

Nicholas Morant's recognition as a great photographer was not limited to publications. In 1990, Morant was chosen to receive the Order of Canada, in honour of the valuable contributions to Canadian heritage and culture which he made through his work. Morant officially received the award at a ceremony held on October 24, 1990. 


Morant remained involved in photography and passionate about the topic of Canada's railways for the rest of his life. Nick passed away peacefully in a hospital in Calgary on March 13, 1999, leaving behind an impressive legacy and a well-defined footprint in Canadian history.

In commemoration of Nicholas Morant and his work, a bonus gallery of photographs depicting highlights and entertaining moments from Nick's life can be viewed below. 

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