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Contemporary Consciousness

OCTOBER 21, 2022 – JANUARY 15, 2023

Contemporary Conscientiousness features the work of two artists who explore our oceans but in contrasting ways. Calgary artist Joshua Jensen-Nagle’s beautiful photographic images impart scenes of beauty, calm and restfulness.  Yet from these documented realities, the artist intends the viewer to bring their own associations to the images. Hence, one may contemplate human’s predisposition to the enjoyment of our oceans based on reflections of personal experience. Contrarily, one may question the popularity and consequential remains from a day of overpopulation and waste in our ocean and on its shores. 


Strewn to shore on Pacific Ocean currents bits of Styrofoam, plastics, rubber, and metal were washed onto the shores of the beaches at Tofino, B. C.  Participating as a volunteer for the community clean-up project, trans-global artist Alexandra Ewen, was struck by the magnitude of damage and consequential debris. It was clear the shore wash was microscopic in comparison to the quantity remaining afloat or beneath the ocean surface.  With resourcefulness and compassion, Alexandra connected the oceanic resources with the culinary creativity of Japanese culture by reconstructing the garbage into exquisitely formed sushi meals, edible in scale and served to order.

Image: Joshua Jensen-Nagle, The Blue And You, 2016, Archival inkjet print face-mounted to plexiglass, 41" x 43"

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