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Jane Reeve



About the Artist

Jane Reeve was born in 1972 in Waterloo, Ontario the youngest of five children. She received early encouragement in art in high school winning the art graduation award and competed locally in art competitions. During the 1990's she studied Biology at Queen's University, Kingston, Ontario. Jane moved to Calgary in 1996 and attended art and design classes at the Alberta College of Art and Design. She has studio space at the Ruberto Ostberg Gallery, Calgary where she regularly exhibits her works.

Comments on the Work

Jane has two works in the canoe collection: "Open Water - Bubby and Pops, 2019" and "Portage, 2019" both are 8 x 8" acrylic on canvas. The scenes highlight red canoes which appear to be a recreation type of canoe most likely constructed of a plastic non-breakable material like Kevlar. These are lightweight, durable and are the choice of many canoeists in Canada today. Jane's contemporary view of "Open Water - Bubbly and Pops" is brightly coloured in the foreground with blues and reds, the action of the paddlers has caused a shimmer in the reflection of the canoe and paddlers on the water. The far shore is only just visible through a misty, hazy summery day. The "Portage, 2019" illustrates a paddler in a portage position carrying his canoe. The small canvas is under painted with red giving the scene a hot summer day feel, the contrast of the red to the blue sky, green trees and vegetation is noticeable and complements the scene. There is only one other work in the collection illustrating a canoe being portaged and that is Lucius O'Brien's 1875 watercolour "End of the Portage."

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