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Mirror Canyon I

Ken Campbel

Mirror Canyon I


About the Artist

Ken Campbell was born in Port Arthur (Thunder Bay), Ontario in 1950 and grew up in Peterborough, Ontario home of the famous Peterborough Canoe Company. Ken's parents were talented artists, his mother worked in kiln formed glass and his father was a filmmaker and artist working in ceramics, welded steel, photography and painting. Ken taught sailing and canoeing at Camp Kawartha as a young teen. In his later teen years Ken worked as a canoe guide and trip counsellor out of Thunder Bay, Ontario. He earned a Bachelor of Arts degree in Sociology and Psychology from Lakehead University, Thunder Bay, in 1972. Although Ken had no formal art training he turned his hand and creative talents to editorial cartoons, graphic design, art director and book illustrator during the 1970's. He was an admirer of the works of Tom Thomson and the Group of Seven many of whom were also commercial artists during their careers. Ken has been working from his Victoria, B.C. studio Imagecraft Studio Ltd. since its inception in 1983 and exhibits his paintings in various galleries in western Canada. Ken has been taught painting and drawing classes for over 25 years and conducts artist workshops from his studio home base in Victoria, B.C.

Comments on the Work

Ken Campbell is represented in the collection by the brilliantly coloured canvas "Mirror Canyon I, 2007." As Mr. Campbell has stated "painting is about creating world's, period." The style in his painting conveys notes of impressionism and abstraction. The viewer sees a floating red canoe, an 18' Chesnut, model constructed of canvas and cedar backlight by a sunny canyon wall reflected perfectly on the surrounding water surface. The overall feeling is of mystery, "where is the paddler or owner of the canoe?" Ken has created his own intriguing canoe world and the theme is one of thousands of ideas that reflect actual places visited or hoped to be visited when one paddles the wild waters in Canada. It is a welcomed addition to the contemporary works in the canoe collection.

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