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Canoe No. 3

Janice Tanton

Canoe No. 3


About the Artist

Janice was born on October 25, 1961 in Oshawa, Ontario. Her early education was completed at R.S. McLaughlin C.V.I. followed by the BFA (Acting) program at the University of Windsor for two years. Janice continued her post-secondary education, graduating from the Graphic Design Program at Durham College Oshawa, Ontario. The arts continued to interest her she worked in theatre, graphic design, sales and launched an art publishing and design company in 1989. Janice operated two commercial galleries in Burford and Stratford, Ontario from which she sold her original art works. During the years 1996-2006 Janice was the creative director and illustrator of the retail shop Country Home Candle. She moved to Canmore, Alberta with her family in February 2005 to assume the position of Program Manager for Aboriginal Leadership and Management in Leadership Development at the Banff Centre. During this time Janice was adopted as the daughter of Elder Tom Crane Bear of the Siksika Nation and given the Blackfoot name Iniskim-Aki (Buffalo Stone Woman). In 2008, she was named an Alumnus of Distinction by Durham College and in 2009 she received the Canada Council for the Arts individual visual arts project grant to produce The Community Fusion Project. This project by Janice brought together culturally diverse participants, children, seniors and non-creatives in a safe environment to create relationships that are deep, lasting and meaningful. Janice retired from the Banff Centre in 2010 and continues to create and nurture others in the art world.

Comments on the Work

Two oils on canvas by the established Canadian contemporary artist, Janice Tanton are present in the collection, "Canoe No. 3, 2010 and The Prayer, 2015." Both feature a classic bright red wood/canvas canoe; "Canoe No. 3" would appear to be the larger vessel with it's three visible thwarts and much higher bow and stern while "The Prayer" is a single seat-thwart and would be a type of prospector canoe. The latter canoe sits on a completely calm water surface where the shade of the canoe gives a mint green colour to the water below. Both paintings showcase solitary canoes without any human presence and the images give the viewer a dream like or a floating in air feeling. The McCreath Canoe Collection is very pleased to have both works by this important established artist Janice Tanton.

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